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Our Trusted Practices

Criminal Defense

If you have criminal allegations that involves DUI, drugs, shoplifting, and other criminal allegations, you have the right to legal representation.

Criminal Record Expungements

A record can significantly impact your ability to advance in life. We can work with the court system on your behalf to remove or eliminate records when needed.


Personal Injury

Our Attorney used to defend large insurance companies, so we know the tactics they use to make insulting settlement offers. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, let us help you get the money you deserve.  


Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket may seem minor, but it can significantly increase your insurance. We’ve helped many people get their tickets reduced or even dismissed.


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Attorney Brown made sure to include me in every step of my case. I was afraid of how a criminal assault charge would affect my record and my job, but she comforted me in court, and got my case dismissed.

- A. Smith

Attorney Brown worked diligently to get my entire record expunged. When faced with unexpected opposition from the states’ attorney, she refused to back down. She helped me get a clean slate and a fresh start at life.

- C. Turner

I appreciate her because she always answered my phone calls. She was efficient and affordable.

- L. Wade

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